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Wedding Band

Things to Consider When Buying Your Wedding Band

What’s the Difference Between an Engagement Ring and a Wedding Band?


Your engagement ring and wedding ring are given for two different moments. You’ll typically receive your engagement ring when your partner proposes – although some couples prefer to pick the ring together after becoming engaged. At the same time, your wedding rings will be exchanged on your wedding day itself.

Most engagement ring styles feature a center stone or a center form of stones in design, such as a solitaire diamond, a halo or cluster feature. Wedding rings are often a band without a centerpiece, though they might feature different designs, diamonds or gemstones set into the band.

If you want to wear both your engagement ring and wedding ring after the big day, your wedding band will traditionally go onto your finger first (due to a belief that this ring should be nearest to your heart), with your engagement ring stacked on top.

What’s the Best Way to Choose a Wedding Ring?


The first things to consider are your lifestyle and budget. If you work with your hands or like fuss-free jewellery, a single band in gold, or for men, titanium or tungsten will be right for you. For more sparkle, a diamond-set wedding band will look stunning beside your engagement ring as well as on its own if you prefer not to wear your engagement ring each day.

Then choose what you’d like to achieve with your wedding ring – would you want to make this band simple and let your engagement ring keep the spotlight? Or do you want to increase the size and sparkle of your engagement ring or build a unique look?

With all this in mind, you can narrow down the range of wedding rings. Then, you can try on your preferences virtually or book your Virtual Appointment to let our specialist team help you find the ideal one!

Should It Match My Engagement Ring Exactly?

It’s totally up to your choice whether your bridal rings are the best match or a mix of colours and/or textures.

If you love the look of a seamless match, go for a bridal ring set, or pick a wedding band specifically designed to match the engagement rings. You can also design your matching look by picking a wedding band in the same metal colour as your engagement ring and matching the diamond features – for example, match an engagement ring with a brilliant Blue diamond with a wedding band set with Blue diamonds.

You can try on wedding bands set with contrasting diamond patterns; intricately shaped bands such as braided, chevron, or curved designs; or even mix your metal colours. 

Should My Wedding Ring Match My Partner’s?

Pave Eternity Ring Set with Brilliant Round Cut Cubic Zirconia

Again, matching your wedding ring to your partner’s (or not) is simply a matter of choice. If you love the idea of having correctly matched rings, you can get a couple of wedding ring patterns for both of you. You can also pick a more exact match, such as rings in the same metal colour but with your chosen methods and/or diamond settings.

Of course, if you and your partner are attracted to different styles, there is no requirement to match your wedding rings. They’re a symbol of your relationship with each other, whether or not they look alike.

How Do I Ensure My Wedding Ring Is the Right Size?

As your ring size will vary naturally from time to time for several reasons, you’ll want to guarantee your wedding band goes snugly but not so tightly that you can’t quickly take it on and off.

For a different ring you’ll wear for life, we constantly suggest you get expert advice on picking the right size – so if you aren’t sure, book an appointment and let our expert teams help you find the ideal fit. If you prefer to shop online, there are a few steps you can find out your ring size – find more information here.