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Pearl Stud Earrings

The Classic Pearl Stud Earrings and How to Style Them

Certain elements remain timeless and classic forever. One such thing is Pearl stud earrings. Pearl earrings from the staple of a woman’s jewellery.

Pearl stud earrings play different roles in styling up. Pearl earrings studs are pure, classy and elegant and can effortlessly take you from a day in the office to a night in a club.

While pearl studs can effortlessly be pulled off with any outfit or event, let’s check out where and how we can style pearl stud earrings.

Why Pearl Studs?


Some jewellery pieces are timeless and versatile, like pearl necklaces, diamond studs, tennis bracelets, etc. Pearl studs fall into this group as well.

Pearl studs are typically made using well-round pearls with a simple backing mechanism connected to them.

However, today, you can get pearl studs in many unique and creative designs and a variety of colours, patterns and sizes. This adds new life to the quintessential idea of pearl studs and returns them into the 21st century.

Here are some types of pearl

Types of Pearl Stud Earrings

The Classic


This type of pearl stud never go out of fashion. It highlights the pearl and its delicate look on your skin, without other stuff to distract. Please keep it simple yet modern with this look.

The Diamond Rimmed

When diamonds are combined with pearls, they complement each other superbly. Diamonds combine the sparkle that pearls lack, while pearls bring in the subdued style they’re known for.

The Imperfectly Perfect

Every baroque pearl is different to the other. Baroque pearl studs are fascinating because, at first look, they look like a regular pearl, but then they get your eye. Baroque pearls are perfect for the off-beat fashion lover.

The Quirky

Pearls are beautiful and classy, but they can be fun and silly too. Pick a quirky, fun set of pearl studs for an informal look to go with a summer dress or a sweater and jeans.

A pair like the one emphasised below contrast the elegance of pearls with fun animal jewellery, appearing in a mixed vibe design. 

Like Gorgeous Crown-detailed Pair, the Genuinely Pretty


Pretty pearl studs are just beautiful to look at. A design like this accentuates the shape and colour of the pearl and contrasts it beautifully with the metal.

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The Very Modern

Why not go for more avant-garde designs that are ideal for a modern look? Modern designs include metal and different shapes. Neutral colours like silver, black, white, and gold suit any outfit and easily dress up the pearl studs. Modern pearl studs are ideal for workwear or formal events.

How To Style Pearl Stud Earrings

Minimalistic Fashion

Pearl studs are a classic match if you want to go minimal for an event. Be it your office, date or any other formal event where you require to add a little magic to your look, and pearl earrings can add character to your serious look. 

Add a tiny pearl earring with formals for a professional office looks, or pair simple pearl earrings with a hint of black dress to a formal party.

Casual Style

The best thing about pearl studs is that they can be effortlessly paired with T-shirts, jeans, and dresses. Pearl studs earrings can be classy and relaxed at the same time. 

Pearl ear studs are a high compliment to everyday clothes. Add pearl stud to a sexy skirt and top outfit for a dazzling look.

Pearl Quality and Types

Once you’ve chosen your design and type, don’t forget to consider the type of pearl you’re buying. The quality of the pearl will influence the overall price and design.
1. Type of Pearl – This can be created (e.g. Akoya, freshwater, Tahitian or South Sea).
2. Pearl Color – These varieties from white to black and everything in between.
3. Pearl Size – Pearls typically vary between 2mm to 20mm.
4. Pearl Shape –These can be well round, near-round, baroque, thin and long, flat and round, and the list goes on.
5. Lustre – If you’re going for natural pearls, consider the surface quality and polish.
6. Value – Some pearls are more costly than others, so set how much you’re ready to spend on your pearl studs