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Importance Of Pairing Jewellery With Any Outfits

How to Pair Jewellery with any outfit.

Jewellery is often seen as a fashion accessory for completing or enhancing an outfit. For many, a look is complete after accessorising it. Diamonds and pearls are all-time classic pieces that go with all ensembles.

Jewellery has been part of human life for thousands of years, and humans have been known to pair jewellery with their attire for a long time. From history, we know that ancient civilisations admired and liked wearing jewellery.

It was usually worn to compliment its wearers’ natural beauty. Different jewellery pieces have different meanings, such as beauty, security, wisdom, elegance, omens and prosperity.

Jewellery can be a symbol of femininity or showcase social status for women.

Importance of pairing jewellery with any outfits.

Properly thought after, jewellery can combine an entire outfit, complementing the colour and style. An outfit looks complete after the addition of jewellery to it. But the wrong jewellery can mar an otherwise beautiful look.

A not so put together jewellery can make a simple outfit look clumsy. It can turn your work attire unprofessional. A stunning cocktail dress, a pretty top, a lovely hair-do and gorgeous sandals all can look disharmonised when paired with the wrong piece.

That’s why it’s essential to learn how to accessorise a dress by giving your time to selecting jewellery that will beautify the dress and not make it clumsy.

Tips for Pairing Jewellery with Outfits

There are simple tips or guidelines one can follow to always go right with their jewellery and outfit combo.

  • Wear jewellery that matches the occasion.
  • Busy Patterns and Simple Jewelry Go Hand-in-hand.
  • Pick jewellery that highlights your face.
  • Choose jewellery that compliments your skin colour.
  • Avoiding over-accessorising
  • Matching the colour and materials appropriately.
Jewellery can be paired with different clothes, from casuals, denim, t-shirts, formal, work or party outfits.

When wearing casual clothes like jeans and t-shirts, one can wear simple jewellery pieces like dangling earrings or a simple necklace with no pendants. These types of pieces go with every casual outfit and keep it simple rather than complicating it.

Wearing bold makeup with simple casual outfits may clash with it and make you look not so put together; therefore, using only a few colours and sticking to one or two colours is the best choice. The great thing about matching jewellery is that so many options are available.

Different factors are considered when matching jewellery with your professional outfits. Suppose you’re a creative artist or work in the fields of arts or music.

Then, gold-plated unique and bold pieces or colourful and bright earrings might look nice with your outfits – but these aren’t a good choice for more conservative professions like accountants, teachers or lawyers. Simple, understated styles go well with the majority of occupations.

Gold-plated studs or small pendant necklaces with gems are a good choice for these professions. For teachers wearing a dull silver locket can be better than a flashy gold ensemble.

One can wear any jewellery or outfit to a party; you just have to watch out for the occasion. For parties, there are no specific rules to match your jewellery. One thing that can help is ensuring that your statement accessories match the rest of your outfit.

With an all-black attire, a piece of jewellery that makes a statement or something that stands out goes well. Opt for simple earrings and a thin necklace if you have many bright colours in your dress or top. Wearing the jewellery that way makes sure people see the jewellery more instead of it clashing with another accessory like shoes or printed pants.

Here is a quick cheat sheet of how to style different jewellery pieces for different types of necklines.

  • Turtleneck – Long chains/ pendants
  • Scoop neckline – Shorter pendants with volume
  • Square neckline – Angular pendants
  • Crew neckline – Bib & Collar Necklaces
  • Strapless neckline – Choker
  • Off-shoulder neckline – Asymmetric Necklaces
  • Halterneck – Slim pendants
  • Collar neckline – Short pendant or choker
  • V neckline – V-shaped pendants
  • Sweetheart neckline – Curved beads or charms.

Mastering jewellery is something everyone can and should do. The right jewellery can give a boost to your look, highlight your features, and show off your eccentric style. That’s why learning how to accessorise your clothes is worth it.

With these tips, you can pair jewellery with outfits that turn heads whenever you wear them. No matter what occasion you’re dressing for or the colours and styles, there’s the perfect piece of jewellery to pair with it.

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