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7 Different Trendy Men’s Chains

Men’s chain necklaces are pretty trendy right now. Chain necklaces are not only fashionable, but they are also classic and simple to wear. The way you wear your chain may give you street cred or make you appear like a gentleman. A neck chain can be worn on its own or with a pendant.

A men’s chain differs slightly from a woman. You’ve come to the correct place if you’re seeking the most popular men’s chain necklaces. To assist you in finding your ideal appearance, we’ve collected a selection of the most popular chain necklace types that any man may wear.

We took care to only include chain necklaces on our list that are both affordable and made of high-quality, anti-allergic, and long-lasting materials. If you choose one of the traditional chain necklace styles we’ve selected, you can be assured that it will last a lifetime.

A stunning Men’s Chain is a wonderfully timeless and inspiring piece of jewellery. Many gorgeous modern and traditional patterns may be found in our collections.

This necklace comes with two dog tags, one large and one small, that may be personalised. These aren’t decorated, so they’re more practical and beneficial for a man to wear every day than anything spectacular that seems out of place with their usual outfit.

The cross has long been associated with Catholicism; it is most frequently associated with the Christian religion as a symbol of Jesus Christ.

Another form of the cross is this art deco-inspired necklace. Textured cross with a fanned out design on all four points, demonstrating a geometric appreciation for lines, angles, and perfect shape. Despite its simplicity, the twisted rope design gives the pendant a striking structure and feel.

Ladybird fans look no further! We have you covered. This beautifully delicate necklace features a cute ladybird– full of personality and sure to become your new favourite.

Ladybird necklace comes beautifully packaged in an Alex brother brand box

Minimalist and evocative, with just the appropriate amount of equine detail. A beautifully sculptural rearing horse finished in three dimensions. Wear it in whichever way you choose when you first put it on!

This lovely sterling silver necklace features a silver Racoon charm in the centre.

The silver Racoon charm necklace is a simple and adorable design that anybody of any age may wear.

It’d be a wonderful birthday present for any animal lover.
Each necklace is packaged in a stylish white gift box, with complimentary gift wrapping available upon request.

Diamonds set gold Apple pendant with necklace in a three-dimensional design.

– Extraordinary, matt gold tone
– The apple is a symbol of the realisation
– Crafted with an attention to detail
– An anchor chain is included with the set

Created from a unique hand-sculpted pattern, this curious squirrel necklace is cast in rose gold and polished by hand.

You can have the pendant either on its own or with a sterling silver chain. The chain may seem different from the photograph.

A classic chain design is an accent piece that any man can add to their wardrobe, just like a ring or a good set of cufflinks. It’s not something he’ll wear every day or with every outfit. It is, however, an essential accessory for every well-dressed man.

Once you start mixing and matching, a few good pendants plus a large range of cords and chains give you many options. If you’re not sure which chain to purchase, look through our collection at Alex Bro Jewellers; we have all the latest trends so you can find the one that best matches your own style.