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Measure Ring Size

How To Measure Ring Size Accurately

Do you know your ring size? Shopping for rings can be a minefield if you don’t see the size. And buying the wrong ring size can be disturbing and perhaps costly.

So how could you measure ring size and feel confident? It can be tricky to figure out, don’t worry. We are here to help you to measure your ring size.

When it regards ring sizes, everybody is unique: a smaller framed person might have larger than average fingers and inversely.

So there is no simple way to find what your ring size might be based on your clothing size or anything else.

If you buy a costly or highly idealistic ring that you will be wearing daily, getting the size perfect is especially necessary because you don’t want to lose it.

This article will discuss how to measure ring size. We are the best diamond jewellers, with different jewellery types. Trendy rings, bangles, and necklaces are available at Alex Bros jewellers. We have an 18KT White Gold Diamond Ring, especially for ring lovers.

3 Ways To Measure Ring Size

1. Get a ring measuring kit

We strongly suggest purchasing reusable ring sizing kits for a perfect size measurement at home.

It’s useful for your daily need, plus you can keep the ring sizer handy and repeat it to trace your ring size over time and to check the dimensions of friends and relatives.

2. Measuring from an existing ring

The measure ring size for perfect ring fitting. The second and easy way to find your ring size is to take measurements from your old ring.

If you got a ring that fits you perfectly, this is the most acceptable way to find your ring size.

3. Go to a jeweller

If you have time and know local jewellers or jewellery shops, go in and check your fingers and measure them professionally. Note down the size of Your fingers that you would like to buy rings for so you have a record.

Be sure your fingers may increase or decrease in size over time with weight gain or loss and other factors, so it’s worth re-checking your sizes later. Buy a perfect ring only at Alex Bros Jewellers.

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Essential Checklist For Buying Diamond Rings

Wearing a diamond ring is a dream of every girl. Diamond rings give confidence to the personality to stand out and make the position.

Here are some essential checklists for buying diamond rings.

  • Choose your diamond by viewing it under a high-quality microscope with a diamond expert. Who can assist you in buying diamond rings?
  • Select your diamond by seeing a selection of diamonds in different lighting conditions placed next to each other. Through this procedure, you can see the difference in brightness and lustre.
  • Don’t risk buying your diamond ring from a jeweller without a highly rated long-term reputation like Alex Bros Jewellers.

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