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How To Know If Gold Is Real: 8 Best Ways

You look at the gold ring and wonder: is it real? Ever wondered the best way to detect an imposter? With no fake being able to compare to the real thing, at Alex Bros Jewellers of Oakleigh in Victoria, we provide the authentic thing: high-quality real gold jewellery that won’t fade away in the years to come. And because we are Greeks and have been in the jewellery business for over 36 years, we’ll teach you 8 real tricks to ensure your gold piece is not counterfeit. Here’s how to check whether gold jewellery is real or fake and how to make the most of your purchase.

gold testing

How do you know if gold jewellery is real?

It’s essential to be able to verify whether gold jewellery is genuine from both sides of the equation: if you’re buying jewellery, you want to know that what’s on offer is indeed what you’ve paid for; if you are selling off jewellery or pledging it as collateral, you need to know the correct value of any jewellery in your portfolio. Why not contact us to verify your Gold Jewellery estimate?

1. Nitric Acid Tests:

An easy way to determine whether your gold is pure or fake is through the acid test. For example, a jeweller can perform this on your jewellery with a drop of nitric acid on your gold piece. They can tell by the reaction of your gold drop to their nitric acid: if the metal has defects, then your post must be fake gold. If your post does not react with nitric acid, your jewellery is pure, with at least 22 carats.

2. Magnet Test:

Gold is, after all, a rather heavy metal – of course, it’s not magnetic. The easiest and quickest way is the so-called magnet test: bring an excellent magnet to the disputed object and hold to it. If the souvenir gold is a fake, it will attract the magnet or show some deformity or defect that a ‘normal’ piece of gold – so-called real gold – doesn’t.

3. Visual Inspection:

Visual inspection is also a giveaway with fake gold—genuine gold jewellery is consistently coloured and lustrous, while fake gold is dull and often oxidised. Any hallmarks or stamps indicating purity are a sign of the real stuff, e.g., 24K = 100 per cent pure, 18K = 18-carat gold.

4. Weight Comparison:

Pure gold is a hair’s breadth denser than plated gold (bizarrely enough, certain metals have to be removed to make faux gold lighter). So, when negotiating the price of a piece of gold jewellery, you can find out whether it’s confirmed by weighing it against something of a similar size and known purity.

5. Density Test:

Another test is the density test, which is simple and exciting. Get a container and fill it with some water. Note the point where water has reached. Now, slowly place the piece of gold into the water. If the gold is original, for every cubic centimetre of the gold placed in water, the volume of water displaced by that gold and the water level will rise accordingly. In this case, if the water level does not decrease by that much or pushes up the water level less than expected, then the piece of gold is likely the fake one.

6. Ceramic Scratch Test:

In contrast, being a soft metal, if the object is bona fide gold, it’s likely to leave some mark when rubbed against an unglazed ceramic. Put pressure on your object and rub it against an unglazed ceramic. You probably have a piece of genuine gold if the gold leaves a dark streak. However, if the mark is light or non-existent, it might just be fake or of a lesser purity.

7. Professional Assessment:

If you need more clarification about the authenticity of gold, it’s a good idea to consult a jeweller. They can perform tests such as acid tests, weighing (density is a fast indicator), and inspection of the appearance of the gold object to determine its authenticity. You can get a professional assessment of your jewellery at our store.

8. Hallmark Examination:

Most of them are easy to spot as they are officially fictitious; those not so will come with hallmarks indicating a piece’s weight, metal quality and purity. Keep an eye out for a ’24K’ (contraction of ’24 parts’, meaning a solid lump of pure precious metal gold), an ’18K’ (for the 18-carat concoction), or a ‘GF’ for gold-filled (a piece of jewellery plated with gold permanently embedded into the walnut-shell interior to make it look like the real thing).

Australian gold rush

Some Facts about the Australian Gold Rush

Gold’s history in Australia dates back to the mid-19th century when the discovery of gold initiated the gold rush era of Australian history. The first discovery of gold in Australia was made in 1851 by Edward Hargraves, a name that is now synonymous with gold fever in historians. The finding occurred near the regional town of Bathurst in New South Wales and is credited with an influx of prospectors of epic proportions that moulded the course of Australian history.

From this point forward, the economic and social foundations of Australians changed together with their society, with the arrival of prospectors from places as far-removed as England, Ireland, China and various other parts of the world. Recently, Australia has remained one of the world’s largest gold producers, with the precious metal’s importance continuing to hold significant importance to the nation’s heritage and identity.

How can Alex Bros Jewellers help you with it?

At Alex Bros Jewellers, you can find all kinds of authentic Greek jewellery made of pure gold and other noble metals. Our team is ready to give you a piece of genuine Greek jewellery, handcrafted, so that we can show the valuable architecture and art of Greek jewellery.

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