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How to Clean Your Diamond Rings

How to Clean Your Diamond Rings at Home

How to clean your diamond rings at home? When you have jewellery that you admire, whether it is your diamond engagement ring or a cherished piece of infinity jewellery, you want to maintain it in the best condition. 

While your diamond ring does not require a massive amount of care and attention, and ongoing care routine will always look its best.

We wanted to cover some of our top tips for cleaning your diamond ring at home. There are excellent essential dos and don’ts to assure that your ring is always shining and sparkling as it should.

How Frequently Should I Clean My Ring?

To retain your ring looking its best, try to clean it once a week. That’s sufficient to keep daily oil and buildup at bay. Still, about twice a year, it’s great to take it to be cleaned at your jeweller—even more frequently if your ring has been exposed to a high level of trash. 

Suppose you work outdoors or in the kitchen, and there’s a strong, compacted layer of oil or dirt. In that case, it’s enough to get it cleaned at the jewellers using professional-grade products that will restore the brilliance of the stone carefully. 

You may be capable of getting away with less frequent cleanings by taking it off during activities that may damage or dirty it.

How to Clean Your Diamond Rings

How to Clean a Diamond Rings: Any Metal Types (Platinum, Silver, White Gold, and Gold)

Soap and Water: The best method to clean a diamond ring is plain soap and water, no matter your ring’s frame and/or metal type. 

To make the liquid, get a bowl and mix hot water and regular dishwashing soap. Dip your ring for approximately 20 to 40 minutes, depending on how dirty it is. If you want to remove a thing like lotion, makeup, hairspray or perfume, use a very delicate toothbrush to eliminate any residue.

Clean the ring under warm flowing water and repeat if needed. Using chlorine or any other harsh chemicals, even some certified jewellery cleaners, can ruin the ring. It’s essential to clean your ring entirely after cleaning to remove any soap.

Non-Abrasive and Chemical-Free Solution: It’s essential to do your study when buying a jewellery cleaner/polisher. If there are any chemicals in the liquid, your diamond ring can become discoloured or lose its strength.

How to Clean Your Diamond Rings: Silver and Gold


Windex and Hydrogen Peroxide: How to clean diamond rings with hydrogen peroxide: take a bowl and make a 50/50 solution of Windex and hydrogen peroxide. Dip your diamond ring for approximately 10–15 minutes. 

The Windex will eliminate the day-to-day dust buildup, and the hydrogen peroxide will destroy any bacteria on the ring. After dipping your ring in the solution, lightly scrub your ring with a delicate toothbrush to remove excess. Rinse with warm water and dry.

How to Clean a Diamond Ring: Silver

Vinegar: Pour 1/2 cup white vinegar and two tablespoons baking soda into a bowl. Mix it well so that the baking soda is dissolved. Dip your diamond ring in the liquid for two to three hours. 

Then wash your ring under cold water and dry completely with a soft cloth.

How to Clean a Diamond Ring: Solid Gold

Beer: If your gold ring is losing its lustre, try pouring a little bit of beer on a soft fabric and rubbing it lightly over the band. Do not spread the beer on gemstones or diamond, and avoid dark ale beer. After rubbing the beer onto the band, use another cloth or towel to dry.

What Not To Do With Diamond Rings

Harmful ring cleanser solutions: There are many traditional cleaning products that people think are suitable to clean diamond rings with, but they can really be damaging. 

Bleach or acetone should never be applied to any jewellery. Bleach can destroy some of the metals that are utilised to provide gold, and abrasives can damage both the metal and the diamond.