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Gold Crosses

Gold Crosses – The Symbolism of Gold Crosses

If you are a Christian, you may know the meaning behind gold crosses is firmly rooted in symbolism. Though the cross has long been a symbol of Christianity, gold crosses are not always worn openly. Before becoming one of the world’s significant religions, Christians were frequently beaten and had to worship in secret.

As more turned to this growing religion, it became acceptable to celebrate one’s faith openly. As a result, the demand for wearing a cross also started to grow.

Crucifixion Story

One of the most apparent meanings is the cross that Jesus was crucified on through His death. The cross was two pieces of wood nailed together in a way that made it manageable for a man to be stretched with his arms nailed down.

While the cross’s shape started as a simple way to bring out an execution, the death of Jesus converted it into the only recognizable and iconic symbols of human survival.

This is why so many Christians carry not only cross but, particularly, the crucifix with a representation of His body attached to the cross. The different way the crucifixion story comes into play with gold crosses is connected to the resurrection of Jesus.

Many people want to wear the cross because it reminds them of the resurrection story, which gives them faith and inspiration. It also helps as a reminder that Jesus gave His life for the wearer and acted as a regular reminder to praise that sacrifice.

Four Lines Meaning

Apart from the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, this Gold Crosses jewelry piece can also be related to symbolize other essential elements. For example, the four wooden pieces represent faith, love, hope, and eternity.

These are four elements referenced in several famous passages of the Bible. Other people describe the four lines mean, love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness because that is what they think Jesus gives them in their relationship with Him. A person can wear the cross to symbolize both the death of Jesus and attach meanings to the cross’s lines also.

Gold Crosses

Gold Crosses

Gold was usually the metal of preference for this type of Gold Crossesbecause it is good metal. It was once the most asked after noble metal, and it remains to have importance today.

While you can get a cross necklace made from a broad range of metals, gold is yet considered one of the more popular and appropriate for paying your honors to the Christian belief.

It can also be looked at as a reference to biblical teachings about the importance of Jesus. For instance, His death and resurrection would both prove to give eternal life and hope to believers. While wood was the cross, He died on, and His resurrection is more intimately associated with gold.

The use of gold for the cross rather than wood in Gold Crosses Follows the biblical references getting beauty for ashes, streets of gold in heaven, and other thoughts to true beauty and happiness holding only in Jesus alone.

When Should I Give Gold Cross Jewelry?

Gold Crosses

The cross symbolizes Jesus and His love for people, as Jesus was the only one born with the “intention of dying.” Hence, a cross is the perfect reminder of His sacrifice for holy holidays such as Easter. Some occasions and holidays are suitable for gifting gold across.

  • Baptism
  • First Communion
  • Graduation
  • Christmas
  • Easter

For secular discoveries, like graduation, a gold cross gift is an excellent symbol for the recipient. These times, it symbolizes the internal strength we get from our faith as we start new phases of our lives. It reminds us of how we can achieve anything when we believe in a higher power.

Selecting Gold Cross Jewelry

Selecting gold crosses for your loved ones is exciting! With a surprising amount of choices, it’s easy to choose a Gold Crosses. You can even accentuate it with their birthstone or favorite gem!