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Evil eye bracelet and necklace

Evil eye bracelet and necklace available in trendy design

This article explains the Evil eye bracelet and necklace their history. Alex Bro Jewelers has the largest seller of Evil eye jewellery variety of Evil eye pendants, broaches, bracelets and necklaces that you can select with different and trendy designs.

The evil eye is a greek curse that has been passed down through the generations and is still in use today. When someone is envious of you, they have the power to give you an “evil stare” and send you terrible luck, according to the story.

Many people actively seek protection from the evil eye as a result of this belief. This is why, in modern times, individuals wear evil eye jewellery as a symbol of protection against bad luck.

With roughly 40% of the world’s population believing in the evil eye, the concept indicated by the word drives many different cultures to take preventative measures against it.

The evil eye is a charm supposed to keep you safe from evil spirits. The belief in the evil eye, or “mati,” can be traced to Classical Greece, at least to the 6th century B.C., when it first appeared on drinking vessels.

The evil eye is feared in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and Central America. Every continent has a strong belief in the evil eye.

The prophet Muhammad warns about the dangers of the evil eye in Shahih Muslim Book 26 and states that to neutralise the evil eye’s power, one must bathe.

Much as in Classic Greece and Ancient Rome, Islamic culture holds that excessive praise will bring about the ill effects of the evil eye.  An evil eye is a talisman or amulet in the shape of an eye representing psychic protection and is generally blue or green.

These talismans or “repellents” for the evil eye exist in various shapes and sizes, including pendants, bracelets, neckless, and broaches.

It can also be placed in a glass bead form above someone’s home’s main door or entrance to protect the hearth.

In Alex Bros Jewellers we have a variety of Evil eye bracelets and necklaces that you can buy.

This necklace comes with two dog tags, one large and one small, that may be personalised. These aren’t decorated, so they’re more practical and beneficial for a man to wear every day than anything spectacular that seems out of place with their usual outfit.

Glittering sterling silver plated round evil eye bracelet is an eye-catching addition to any jewellery collection.

Its finish, made of the highest quality materials, will make you stand out wherever you go.

Your ensemble will be enhanced by the minimalist design.

Minimalist evil eye bracelet in 9K gold.

The evil eye is an ancient symbol that is most commonly associated with protection against those who try to harm us through jealous gazes.

Wear an evil eye from Alex Bros Jewellers to defend yourself.

Our dainty Bezel Evil Eye Station Bracelet, one of the strongest talismans and symbolises feminine power, protection, and good fortune, add a touch of glitter.

This bracelet features three small evil eyes made of 9kt gold.

That’s why plenty of well-known fashion houses have created on-trend evil eye statement necklaces that everyone can wear in their daily lives.

They’ve made it simple for people to protect themselves while still looking fashionable.

Check out our silver evil eye necklaces for the greatest in one-of-a-kind or custom-made pieces from our evil eye necklaces category.

The evil eye is a popular amulet that reflects or prevent evil influences while also symbolising protection from bad luck.

Sterling silver is used to make our jewellery. It’s also an excellent gift for a husband, wife, mother, father, or dear friend on their birthday, Christmas, or anniversary.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions; we will try to assist you.

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