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earrings for face shape

Earrings For Face Shape

Choosing the best earrings for face shape is the most relevant question while shopping online.

Have you ever fallen in love with a pair of earrings on the internet and ordered them only to find that they look much better on the website than they do on you?

Purchasing jewellery on the internet might be difficult. While online shopping is fun in many ways, it can also be a difficult ride at times! We’ve all been in that situation.

The earring is the most noticeable item of jewellery. It draws attention to your face and adds glitter to your look.

There are many different earrings to choose from, and it’s crucial to know which one best suits your face shape.

This article discusses different types of face shapes and how to choose the best earring for face shapes.

Best earrings for face shape

Wide cheekbones and an equal width flowing down to the chin characterise a round face. Choose earrings that elongate rather than expand your face if you have a round face.

Drop earrings serve to slim and lengthen your face while complementing its round form. Avoid circular earrings with thick circles or discs, making your face appear rounder.

Strong angles and a similar forehead and jawline width define a square facial shape. A decent set of earrings can help soften the hard edges and the jawline of a square face, which is sharp and defined.

It’s all about balance with a square face, so go for medium-large round or oval-shaped earrings. Hoop earrings are the finest way to soften their angular features for those with square faces.

Hoops come in various colours, sizes, and styles, allowing you to customise your outfit. Avoid square forms since they will make your face appear overly angular.

A round face is rounded, yet an oval face is longer than a round face.

Faces with an oval shape are the luckiest for earrings, as almost any form of earring looks excellent on them. 

Hoops, studs, or triangle-shaped earrings look great with this form since they highlight your high cheekbones.

You have a heart-shaped face if your forehead is larger than your cheeks and the lower half of your face narrows like a heart.

In this scenario, you should use chandelier or teardrop earrings to balance out your angular chin.

Earrings wider at the bottom than the top serve to balance your look by filling in the lower half of your face.

Diamond faces are characterised by the eyes being the widest part of the face. The chin and forehead are the same widths; the face seems to be longer, with the eyes taking centre stage.

Choose earrings that soften the inherent angles of your face. Earrings with sharp points, like the inverted triangle, should be avoided.

Choose teardrop earrings with additional drama around your smaller chin. Additionally, you have the option of wearing lovely stud earrings.

We have discussed 5 different types of face and explained which earring best choose you and why you need to choose a specific kind of earring.

This article will remove all your confusion and answer your question. If you are looking for trendy earrings, you must visit Alex Bros Jewellers.