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Diamond Clarity

Diamond Clarity

To understand diamond clarity, we need to know how the diamond is created. With its atoms grouped in what is known as a diamond cubic crystal structure, a diamond is a solid form of the element carbon. Naturally, diamonds are formed due to extreme heat and pressure.

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Always remember that no diamond is completely pure when selecting the best clarity for a diamond. The higher the clarity grade, the fewer faults and imperfections there are in the diamond. However, it becomes more distinct the closer it goes to pure. The rarity and value of inclusion-free diamonds are extremely high.

Under a 10x magnification, flawless diamonds are free of any imperfections or flaws. Internally flawless diamonds can have minor flaws but have no inclusions that can be seen under a magnification of 10x.
IF type

Although the name is seemingly, Very Very Slightly Included (VVS1, VVS2) diamonds earn this grading because unlike their Flawless or Internally Flawless brethren

They contain inclusions so minutely that they’re challenging to locate under 10x magnification, used by an expert gemologist to determine a stone’s clarity.

Diamonds clarity with a grade of 3 or 4 (VS1 or VS2) is classified as Very Slightly Included.
VS1, VS2
Unlike VVS2 clarity inclusions, VS1 and VS2 never require the use of a microscope. It will never be visible to the naked eye because it is still very small.
SI1, SI2, SI3
I1, I2, and I3 clarity inclusions are even more obvious and seen than SI3 clarity inclusions. Most I1, I2, and I3 inclusions are visible to the naked eye, even on brilliant cuts. Because of feathers, knots, cavities, and crystals that are sufficiently wide and deep to be mistaken for cracks, included diamonds occasionally exhibit poor transparency and a lack of brilliance.
1, I2, I3

Diamond Grading Factors

Diamond Size

As the size of your diamond increases, make sure to give higher clarity grades more consideration. As diamond size increases, prices also increase. This can make inclusions more visible.

Diamond Shape

The diamond’s shape is one of the most crucial factors to consider. Each of the various diamond shapes has its unique characteristics. Like all jewellery and fashion items, the most popular diamond shapes depend on current trends and fads.

Sizing Up Clarity

Diamond clarity is an essential consideration for larger diamonds. As you rise in diamond weight, characteristics may be more visible. Seeing any inclusions or flaws in a smaller diamond is usually more challenging.

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