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Custom Engagement Ring

How To Design A Custom Engagement Ring

Our engagement ring should not only sparkle bright but also glimmer with each facet of your personality. Some couples may want to design engagement rings that are as different as their relationship. After all, a ring is something you will use every day, and it should be something you genuinely love and adore.

Why Should You Design Your Custom Engagement Ring?


There are many beautiful pre-made rings, so, naturally, you might wonder why you would prefer to have a ring custom made. After all, it may seem a more straightforward and quicker process to choose a pre-made ring off the shelf. But there are several reasons for custom making your own; some would say that these far exceed the reasons you should not!

Something is fantastic about having an engagement ring custom made particularly for your partner. This is an essential and one of the most significant investments you will make – and so, it is worthy of every moment that it takes to make the right decision.

The method of having an engagement ring custom made does not have to be a daunting one. It should be fun, perhaps a touch nerve-racking, but pleasant! The most beautiful thing about having your ring custom created is that you become a part of the entire process, from choosing a style to picking the perfect diamond or coloured gemstone and ultimately deciding on the ideal design. It becomes such a beautiful and personal experience.

A good jeweller will help you throughout the process with expertise, guaranteeing that you get to understand the ring throughout different stages.

Above anything else, the emotional value of having a custom Engagement Ring is second to none. For your entire life, your partner will wear a ring that has been designed by you to be worn only by them. And that in itself is worth every moment it takes to create a custom made engagement ring!

Here Are a Few Helpful Tips:


1. If certain design elements you know you need, then the best thing is to give your jeweller various images. If you have a natural talent for making visions to life on paper, do not hold back! Tune into your internal Da Vinci and sketch precisely what you imagine to the best of your skills.

2. Collect images, whether from magazines or the internet, like the ring you are back. You may like a distinct style of placing on one ring but love the little details of engraving and design of another.

3. Seeing loose diamonds can be amazing, so it is a great idea to get an idea of the pattern and size that you are after. Try to work out what dimension your budget will permit. This will also help limit the temptation of paying beyond your budget after seeing beautiful big diamonds!

4. It is ok if you do not want to disclose your budget first – no one likes the hard sell! Once you feel confident that you have got the right jeweller for you, it’s best to give a ballpark figure. This will enable them to search for the most proper diamond or coloured gemstone to suit your budget.

5. Allow plenty of time! Custom design is not as fast as buying a ready-made ring. The method is much more complex, which is part of the beauty of custom created. It required at least two months will give you lots of time. There is no requirement to put yourself through additional stress! Remember that the method of finding the right stone and concluding your design to completion could take at least a few weeks.

6. Have an open mind and experience the process! A good jeweller will give helpful advice and ideas to make sure your ring exceeds your expectations!