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gold wedding ring

A gold wedding ring and other bridal obligations

“Did you pick out your gold wedding ring? Sorry, I’m not going to congratulate you on your engagement because you got so much more to do to make your wedding day special than think about a gold wedding ring only.”

Wedding planning checklist for bride and groom ​

It is being very difficult to find out how to start wedding preparation and some people just don’t want to marry because of this fear but I’m here to help you out with wedding planning checklist you just need to run through the list below and cross off what’s not relevant to your wedding,

Then priorities what’s left so that you can enjoy your wedding and look forward to fabulous wedding day.

Wedding preparation time

1. Find out the best and affordable wedding venue. You should have an alternative for your wedding and reception venue in case you’re planning for an outdoor event to make sure you have shelter.

2. Being a bride you should consider your wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses. Find out the perfect wedding dress for you and your bridesmaids and perfect ornament.

3. Choosing your bridesmaids and groomsmen it’s not that difficult.

4. Start looking for wedding photographers and videographers portfolios.

5. Look at wedding cards design and get some quotes.

6. Your guest list should be editable so that you can add or remove according to your choice and Start thinking about your honeymoon destination.

7. Keep up your beauty and fitness regime and don’t forget to get at list 8-hour sleep.


First things first ​

1. It’s time to book and confirm your wedding photographer and videographer.

2. Food is important, if the venue you have chosen does not supply the food, find out your wedding caterers and think about your wedding event, the menu, and the drinks

3. Choose your wedding designer and wedding dress and get started on the gown.

4. Choose your wedding decorator and book them.

5. Finalize your wedding ceremony music and the entertainment for your wedding reception

6. Find out and Book your wedding cars and any wedding transport you may need for your guests.

7. Make prior bookings for your honeymoon.

8. If you are changing your surname, you may have to do some documentation alteration

9. Look for your celebrant or chaplain and speak to the who will be marrying you, and discuss your requirements and book.

10. Choose a theme and colors you would like to follow like beach or romantic etc.

11. Look for potential wedding decorators; make a decision whether you are using them as soon as possible.

This time to think about other preparation

1. Choosing the suits for groom and groomsmen.

2. Choose your wedding invitation and make sure to have them printed ready to send 6-8 weeks in advance or 12 weeks.

3. Start looking for a florist specializing in wedding flowers. Choose your bridal bouquets, buttonholes, wedding ceremony and wedding reception flowers.

4. Find your hair and makeup artist and ask for trials.

5. Book the Bridal Suite for the wedding night.

6. Find a bridal registry and start shopping.

And then...

1. Start looking for your gold wedding ring and other ornament choose your wedding rings design (allow the jeweler at least 4 weeks to supply the wedding rings leaving time for resizing if necessary). It’s being more special feeling to say “I Do” And flaunt your pretty gold wedding ring.

2. Find out your wedding cakes and order your favorite for the wedding day.

3. Select the wines and champagnes.

4. Finalize the floor plan for your wedding reception.

5. Start to make a temporary guest seating plan including the organization of the bridal table and tables for the parents of the bride and groom.

6. it’s time to send out the wedding invitations (6-8 weeks before).

8. Choose what ceremony music you’d like to have played by the ceremony musicians throughout the wedding ceremony.

9. Buy your gifts for the bridesmaids and groomsmen, mum and dad too and of course for each other too.

Final bits and pieces

1. Pick up gold wedding rings and other ornaments.

2. Decide the order of toasts and speeches.

3. Keep your guest list updated.

4. it’s time to start getting into the wedding celebrations and hold your bridal shower.

5. Get a trial day with your hair and makeup artist to experiment with styles, try and take your headpiece with you.

6. Book an appointment at a beauty salon for at least 1 week before the wedding day for any waxing, facials you may need, and organize a manicure and pedicure for a few days before.

7. Choose and buy your wedding lingerie and spare hosiery for yourself and the bridesmaids.

8. Supply the wedding venue and caterers with an estimated number of guests.

9. Give a reminder to everyone…the wedding cars, wedding flowers, wedding entertainment, hair, and makeup artist, wedding photographer, and videographer, etc.

10. Preparing for the entire bridal party for the wedding ceremony rehearsal usually held in the week leading up to the wedding.

Bringing it all together with Gold wedding ring

1. Have your wedding ring professionally cleaned.

2. Check and finalize seating arrangements.

3. Write the place cards.

4. Review all wedding speeches are well on their way.

5. Start writing thank you notes as you receive gifts (if you have time).

6. Check EVERYTHING once again!

One week before

1. Get a salon appointment to have your waxing and other beauty treatments at the salon.

2. Check and reconfirm the bridal suite.

3. Provide final numbers with venue and caterers.

4. List out all the things you need for your honeymoon and Pack your bags.

5. Print tickets and itinerary for your honeymoon.

6. Reconfirm flights 72 hours before.

The night before

1. Organize your wedding shoes, wedding ring, other ornaments, tiara, and veil ready for the next day and keep your wedding dress in a safe place.

2. This time to relax and listen to good music

3. Get a good night’s sleep.

Finally the day

Forget about everything go with the flow and have a fantastic and memorable day…because when the bride is happy and having fun – so is everyone else! We also have evil eye jewellery read our blog for more detailed information. It’s time to congratulate you for your new life… Congratulations, you’re engaged …  GOLD WEDDING RING.